Welcome to Multi-Family Risk Management Group

Our History

Multi-family Risk Management Group (MRMG) is a leading Agency sponsored insurance program backed by over 35 years of success.
  • 1980Established in 1980, Swain and Baldwin Insurance, Inc. focuses on fully integrated delivery of both general and specialty property and casualty insurance and risk management services.
  • 2003Established in 2003, MRMG was formed to provide cost-effective products and strategically enhanced insurance and risk management services tailored to the unique needs of each client through our Proprietary Insurance Program, unique to our organization.
  • 150 Years Of ExperienceWe have a unique team of experts strategically picked to provide you with over 150 years of combined experienced in the multi-family industry.
  • As Of Q4, 2016Since inception, we have acquired hundreds of clients, several billion in property TIV, thousands of units participating in the GL Master program, and multi-layer Umbrella Liability program.
  • Looking Towards The FutureOur ongoing goal is to provide exceptional coverage and quality customer service for our clients.